Pros and Cons of Staff Augmentation

Pros and Cons of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation services providers assist in fast-tracking project development and reducing the hiring time of qualified employees for you. It is a dependable option to meet your business’ needs and support the actions taken to achieve its goals and objectives.


What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is the temporary hiring of employees for specific purposes to strengthen your internal team. Though they are not permanent employees of your organisation, they are fully integrated.


Why do You Need Staff Augmentation?

Typically, companies need to hire experts for,

  • Adhoc activities
  • Projects
  • Long-term support

Staff augmentation is not a new practice. Many companies are adopting it to hire super-specialists in minimum time, contracting efforts, and at reduced costs. You pay by hourly rates.

Depending on your business needs, you can scale the engagements up or down quickly. Staff augmentation also helps reduce the cost of disengaging. It is easy to let go of augmented employees after they have served your purpose. And their leaving has minimal to no impact on your regular operations.

Here, you can personally select the candidates and manage them per your business needs. Most often, your staff augmentation services provider takes care of all organisational and administrative activities. Doing so gives you a chance to focus on your business’ core responsibilities. You do not have to register new employees, suffer through lengthy onboarding or interview processes, handle taxes or submit.


Pros & Cons of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation has its pros and cons. Hiring and project managers rely on their specific needs before choosing this option.


Pros of Staff Augmentation

Flexible Recruitment Solution

Staff augmentation is a flexible recruitment solution for temporarily adding new resources to your existing team. It is easy to bring in skilled candidates without committing to a long-term commitment.



Staff augmentation can play a great role in quickly bringing in a skill set that your team is lacking to complete a project. It is an ideal solution if you need a candidate temporarily.


Up or Down Scaling

Staff augmentation consultants understand your hiring needs; they search their databases for the best candidates. If something goes wrong, you can easily replace non-performing or performing candidates. It enables you to up or downscale your resources without impacting your in-house direct employees.


Save Training Costs

Onboarding new employees is a time-consuming process. It is why companies prefer staff augmentation to enhance their teams seamlessly. The new employees have the required skill set and need no training. It saves costs of training for the companies. Furthermore, they can be hired permanently, if needed.


Cons of Staff Augmentation


When hiring new employees, you need to provide the oversight and proper processes to streamline it. Even hiring of temporary employees through staff augmentation needs it.



Onboarding of new employees through staff augmentation takes less time and effort. Still, you have to dedicate competent resources to it.


Transfer of Knowledge

Some projects need background institutional information. So, you need to assign an existing employee to pass it on to the new employees. It helps educate them and streamline their integration into the team’s workflow.


Higher Costs

You have to watch over the cost of staff augmentation. You essentially pay the staff augmentation services provider and the candidate. For a short-term project, you may benefit from the reduced price of hiring/de-hiring. However, for a long-term project, it may be true.


When to Opt for Staff Augmentation?

You cannot use staff augmentation sounds for every scenario. To make it successful, you need to improve and adapt your internal processes and tools. If your project extends, then you have to bear higher costs. An ill-defined service level commitment can put your organisation at risk.


Searching for a Staff Augmentation Service Provider?

A staff augmentation consulting and services provider like Nimmish can help you with customised hiring solutions. It is also the best solution for short-term projects.

However, you will be better off by hiring permanent employees if your project is going to take months or years to complete. You can also think of outsourcing the project.

Staff augmentation services enable you to fulfil your team’s current staffing needs swiftly. Companies use it to augment their R&D, Operations, HR, Finance, and software teams.

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