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Key Factors (Quick Eligibility Check)

Job Offer

Foreign Professionals must have Job Offer (Sponser) from a Singapore Company

Salary Offered

Minimum Qualifying Salary $4,500 with Exception of Financial Services ($5,000)


University degree, professional qualifications or specialised skills

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    Hi Nimmish team! Thanks for your attentive service. You handled each employment visa-related query professionally and to our satisfaction. Your value lies in your streamlined workflow. Depending on my experience, I would rate your efforts as top grade.

    Mr. Hiroki


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    Thanks, guys, you really nailed it. We were looking to augment our team with a specialist resource. The recruiters at Nimmish, located the right candidate meeting our brief to the last skill in the set. They also took care of the employment pass application and coordinated with Ministry of Manpower officials.

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    We were trying to put a new team together. We needed someone experienced to handle work visa applications. Nimmish assisted with Singapore work passes for our new employees. They did a great job in a short time. It is a professional and responsive team. We will work with them again.

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    Singapore Employment Pass (EP)

    Employment Pass (EP) is a work visa that managers, specialists, executives and other professionals need to relocate to and work in Singapore. After incorporating their Singapore company, business owners can apply for their EP to relocate and run their company.

    The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) grants the Singapore employment pass, on case to case basis, to candidates who fulfil Singapore employment pass eligibility criteria. Validity of employment pass granted to first-timer is up to 2 years. Ep renewals are for up to 3 years.

    Dependant Pass & Long-Term Visit Pass for Family Members

    After the approval of their pass, the employment pass holders earning qualifying salary can bring their immediate family members to Singapore. The family members need to meet the prescribed criterion before getting approval for their Dependant Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass.

    Singapore EP holders earning S$6,000 or more in fixed monthly salary can apply for Dependant’s Passes for their legally married spouse and unmarried children (including legally adopted) under 21.

    EP holders earning S$6,000 – $12,000 a month or more can apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass for their common-law spouse, unmarried handicapped children above 21 years of age, and unmarried step-children under 21.

    EP holders earning more than $12,000 can also apply for LTVP for their parents.

    MOM approves or disproves each EP application based on its merits.

    • The candidates having at least S$4,500/month are eligible for an EP, but those earning S$6000 to S$7000 are preferred for more experienced candidates.
    • Candidates with tertiary education/bachelors/post-graduate degrees from reputable institutions have an advantage.
    • Candidates without a tertiary degree are assessed based on their job profile, work experience, employment history, salary earned and demand for their skills in Singapore.
    • Singapore employers with high paid-up capital and the ability to pay salaries stand a higher chance of succeeding with the EP applications.
    • As per the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF), Singapore company must post an advertisement on Jobs Bank and mention Job posting ID on its EP application.
    • Companies with 10 or fewer employees and those filling a post paying $20,000/monthly or employing intra-corporate transferee (ICTs) are exempted from the ad posting.
    • MOM also considers the candidate’s age, nationality, roles and responsibilities, and reputation of the employer

    MOM expects the following documents from the EP application:

    • Resume or curriculum vitae stating candidate’s educational and employment history
    • Copies of educational degree/diploma certificates and testimonials supporting employment record
    • A copy of the candidate’s passport details
    • The candidate’s written consent allowing Singapore employer company or its employment agent to apply on their behalf for the EP
    • Singapore employer’s latest business profile or company details lodged with ACRA
    • Other additional documents asked by MOM

    The candidate needs to submit all the required documents in English.

    Submitting Final Application to MOM, Payment to MOM, Submission acknowledgement,

    After Application Completion, We submit EP application to MOM and Make payment of Application Fees.

    • Online applications submitted through the myMOM Portal take at least 3 weeks to process.

    Our recruiters will stay in communication with MOM and communicate with you, Should there be any queries or any additional info or documents requested from MOM,

    After the approval of the EP application, MOM issues an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter. We notify the candidate to visit Singapore within 3-6 months to collect their EP on the issuance of IPA.

    After the candidate arrives in Singapore, we apply to MOM to issue their employment pass. We communicate with MOM to arrange an appointment for the candidate to collect their EP from a MOM centre. We submit the following documents using EP Online portal:

    • Passport details
    • Info regarding Short Term Visit or immigration pass
    • Residential address in Singapore
    • Local address for the delivery of EP card
    • SMS or email details of the appointed recipient

    Before the EP is issued, the candidate needs to submit:

    • IPA letter
    • A recent passport-sized photograph
    • Original passport with entry visa card
    • Medical examination report
    • Additional documents requested in the IPA letter

    Get Your Employment Pass in 4 Easy Steps

    As your appointed employment agency, we can initiate the online Singapore employment pass application process. Our experienced recruiters would assist you for fulfilment of process to not to increase processing time with unnecessary back and froth communication from MOM,

    Before applying for a candidate’s EP pass, it is advisable to use Employment Pass Self-Assessment Tool (SAT). It will determine whether or not you qualify for an employment pass.




    A. We can submit One Appeal to MOM to re-consider the EP application For FREE!


    B. 35% Fees Refunded, No Questions Asked

    Why Us: Why Choose Nimmish for Employment Pass Work Visa Services?

    Best Consulting Service

    Nimmish has a complete know-how of the Singapore employment pass application process. We have completed numerous visa applications for the candidates selected through our staffing augmentation services.

    Save Your Time & Money

    Contact us to submit your candidates' fresh employment pass applications, and we will save your money & time. With our professional services, including EP pass renewal application, there are no delays or rejections because of errors.

    Free Visa Assessment

    Our recruiters assist in assessing your employment pass eligibility. They render practical advice that leads to a successful application and approval letter. We also recommend other work permits that may prove to be more suitable for the candidate.

    Our Service is Comprehensive

    Singapore immigration laws are challenging. Filling up forms is only a part of our service. We consider candidate's background & advise accordingly to produce the best work visa results. If there are any issues, we coordinate with MOM's immigration officials.


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