Permanent & Executive Placement

Permanent & Executive Placement

Attracting highly skilled “Star” candidates to work for you is a challenge. And you need to search for them before you can hire them. We have built a team of professional recruitment consultants that provides world-class permanent and executive search services.

It is no guesswork that the very best candidates prioritise permanent recruitment over the one that is temporary or contract recruitment. Still, you have to search for them in the right places for a permanent position. Our experienced placement consultants hunt them for you.

Best Recruitment Agency

We provide permanent and executive search services to companies located all over the world. As the top recruitment agency, we put our best efforts to thoroughly understand your candidate skill requirements, cultural issues and the candidate’s intended role.

In order to deliver effective permanent and executive search services to you, we do our best to understand your organisation, options in solution space and managers in key positions. To anticipate future growth, we focus on separating skills you intend to develop internally or outsource to external resources.

Versatile Placement Consultants

If you desire, our recruiters work with you to narrow down your critical staffing needs. We routinely make use of updated online databases and social networking portals. However, our painstakingly built personal network is our prime resource for pinpointing the suitable candidates for you.

While providing our executive search services, our recruiters scour the internet for the candidates with the skill set you need. They zero in on the best passive candidates currently employed in permanent positions. They also tap and test your competitors work pool to identify potential talent that could be just right for you.

Steps in Time-tested Executive Search Process
Understand Job Requirements

We dig deeper to know your organisation, job requirements, technical and cultural issues: candidate's start date, hourly rate, visa (if needed), experience, job location.

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

We will review and implement the master services agreement and stated processes and procedures for streamlining the task of executive placement.

Sourcing Candidates

We rely on proven headhunting techniques, our contacts, referrals, social media, and an internal database to source the star candidate.

Finding the Better Fit

Our placement consultants screen resumes and online profiles of potential candidates. Apply your job specifications to narrow the list down. We conduct telephonic interviews to know each candidate's domain experience and expectations about career trajectory.

Viable Candidates

We will email you a list of viable candidates supported with a bulleted list of career highlights and a copy of the candidate's resume.

Interview Scheduling

If you decide to go ahead with a particular candidate, we will schedule an interview using means of your choice: phone, FTF, or using a web-based application.

Offer & On-boarding

We will convey your offer verbally, seek our candidate's verbal acceptance of the terms and satisfactory closure of the offer. We will then work with you both to fix the necessary steps for the streamlined onboarding of the candidate.

Nimmish, a proactive provider of permanent and executive search services, take pride in initiating the first contact between our valuable clients and potential candidates. We understand your need for a flexible team of permanent and temporary contract employees.

We are more resourceful than an average in-house recruiter. We employ our vast resources, tested processes, reliable tactics and automated tools to provide you with the best permanent and executive search services possible. Contact us at for reliable staffing solutions.