Singapore PEO & Employer of Record

Singapore PEO & Employer of Record

Maybe you are not fully committed to a Singapore company incorporation yet. Still, if you are interested in business expansion in Singapore for the first time & want to recruit a few star employees, we can make it easier. Nimmish is known for its prompt, professional employer organisation service and as an employer of record in Singapore.

Nimmish, a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) service provider, can see to your employee payroll. As an (EOR) Employer of Record in Singapore, we will care for all your employment and tax compliance-related issues. We give you a swift entry into the Singapore market at an affordable cost of business expansion.

What is Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Service?

A professional employer organisation (PEO) service provider is a Singaporean company like Nimmish. It signs a joint employer relationship with its clients. Under the contract, the PEO provides human resource management services, including the employment engagement contract.

Nimmish, follows practices advised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for the agreed contract period. Our experts handle the employee engagement process, employee payments, deductions and local employment liabilities per Singapore’s labour laws and regulations.

What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

Hiring employees in a new country needs planning and insight into the labour laws and regulations. The term Employer of Record (EOR) denotes the registered employer on the record. In Singapore, it is a company that assists in hiring and payroll management, keeping with the framework of the local labour law.

An EOR streamlines employment engagement by complying with local employment regulations in force, depositing Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions, taking out insurance, & providing benefit management, Etc. It also assists with Singapore work passes and visas for newly hired employees.

An employer of record has the knowledge and experience to deal with the intricacies of the Singaporean Employment Law. They ensure that every employment contract comes true on prescribed requirements of the labour law.

Singapore PEO & EOR Services

If you are looking to hire a reliable employer of record and professional employer organisation service provider in Singapore, search for services like:

  • Crafting of employment contract & management of onboarding hired employees, disciplinary and termination management for employees
  • Advice on employment laws, efficient HR practices, employee compensation and benefits management
  • Advice on strategies for employment of local and foreign human resources
  • Advice on complying with fair employment practices, advertising on a government job portal, retrenchment, disciplinary, & following the fair termination practices
  • Advice on Singapore work passes application process
  • The quota for foreign workers, applications, renewals and termination of employment
  • Prepare and maintain Employee Handbook
  • Processing of payroll
  • Advice on outsourced contract employee training
  • Managing Central Provident Fund (CPF) mandatory contributions
  • File IR8A /IR21 forms for tax reporting & clearance
  • Submission of national service claims
  • Submission of Paternity/maternity/childcare leaves, including government grant claims
  • Processing of employee’s expenses and medical claims
  • Preparation of payroll reports on the monthly & annual basis
Who Should Invest in PEO/EOR service?
Who Should Invest in PEO_EOR service
  • As a foreign company, you want to employ or relocate someone from head office to Singapore to study the local market without starting a company
  • As a local employer, you want to hire employees temporarily
  • You want to hire the local staff before initiating the winding down process
  • You must overcome difficulties due to limited quota or freeze on headcount
Benefits of Employer of Record & Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) service

Companies look for new opportunities all the time. In Asia, Singapore is their favoured marketplace. They also want to expand quickly and need efficient growth solutions. The following are the benefits of hiring a reliable PEO/EOR service provider:

Save Time

We save time by doing the legal compliance for hiring. You get to focus on expanding into Singapore

Need No Company

We assist you in recruiting staff or contractors for your on-site Singapore projects

Onboard Employees

We assist in recruiting star employees & with their work visa applications

Payroll Service

We process payroll to calculate salary, CPF, & taxes. We assist you with statutory filing

On-Site HR Services

We provide HR advice, renew contracts, & manage terminations & annual leaves

Reduced Risk

Nimmish, through its compliant PEO/EOR service, meets all the Singapore labour regulations

Nimmish is a reliable provider of Professional Employer Organisation service and Employer of Record in Singapore. Appointing us gives you a breezy, cost-effective, and compliant way to expand your business in Singapore. Call us on +65-6536 0036 or email us at for our EOR and PEO service in Singapore.