Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Today, companies are leaning towards staff augmentation services. It is a strategy that gives them a powerful solution to their unpredictable staffing requirements.

What is staff augmentation? The term is used to refer to the temporary appointment of qualified candidates to meet businesses’ needs and support the initiatives taken to meet its goals and objectives.

Today, staff augmentation is a trending solution adopted by companies operating in marketplaces all over the globe. It is their way of meeting the current, highly volatile and erratic economic situation where they have no reliable way of predicting the demand. It is becoming their preferred way of retaining the competing edge to ensure their survival.

The staff augmentation services are fortifying organisations in overcoming the manpower challenges presented by the fluctuating demand. The solutions provided by the Staff Augmentation services are helping companies in increasing responsiveness to market conditions and competitiveness. Depending on the company’s staffing needs, the duration of staff augmentation can be shorter or can last 1 to 3 years.

How Staff Augmentation Services Assists You?
Unpredictable Demand and Staffing Needs

A large majority of companies survive from season to season. The seasonal changes in demands mean having to accommodate temporary increases or decreases in staffing requirements.

Staff augmentation services assist their clients battling changing staffing requirements. They help the client in meeting their labour needs hassle-free. The clients benefit from this arrangement as they do not have to invest in additional infrastructure.

Professionals with Specific Skill-set

The providers of manpower staffing services also prove useful when their clients are busy with special projects that require external resources with specialised skill-set for the length of the project.

In such a situation, staff augmentation delivers an efficient and faster solution to the clients as the client do not have to spend extra on the skill development of their in-house staff.

Overcome Budget Limitations

The companies try to economise and keep their expenses within their budget. It is true, especially when the budget is limited and they need to cut corners to make ends meet. The managed outsourcing and staffing services assist them in being efficient with resource utilisation. Staff augmentation allows them to keep their spending within their means by paying only for the necessary work.

Building a Creative Team with No Borders

Adopting staff augmentation means reaping the benefits of a streamlined process for employing professionals from all over the world. Staff augmentation services provider enables their clients in putting together an efficient team. The team members can come from different geographical locations and contribute creative ideas and new perspectives to generate innovative solutions.

Why Choose Nimmish As Your Staff Augmentation Services Provider?

At, Nimmish, we focus on delivering quality contract staffing and staff outsourcing services that lead to a Win-Win situation for all the parties involved. Our experienced HR staff members are an old hand at staff management. They do their two bits while rendering Staff Augmentation consulting and services to our clients.

Our HR consultants practice tested processes and ensure reliable and consistent results when taking care of augmented staff. It helps us perform at our peak efficiency every time. It also makes Nimmish the best short-term or long-term provider of staff augmentation services.

Benefits Staff Augmentation Service​

If you are someone who belongs to management, you will agree that processes related to HR and payroll can be tiresome.

However, when you are dealing with Nimmish, we will take care of the hiring and administrative aspects of the staff augmentation. You will no more have to expend your valuable attention on payroll, leave management, medical insurance, application for work pass/visa, or tax-related issues.

  • You can trust us to provide additional staff to assist you to manage your peak demand.
  • We can scale down when the demand scales down to a normal level.
  • We manage all the administrative work involved.
  • It means you are totally free to concentrate on strategy planning, business objectives, forecasting, budgeting, etc.
Staff Augmentation Services Process
When you want to augment the staff, contact us;
Staffing Requirements

Discuss your staffing needs with one of our staff augmentation consultants.

Advice on Staff Augmentation Process

Get detailed info on our staff augmentation service, including the process and cost.

Provide Details

Please provide us with essential information to speed up the staff augmentation process.

Visa/Work Pass

For hiring foreign professionals, we assist you with their applications for visa/work pass.

Hire the Candidate

Talk to candidates for hire. If you are satisfied, sign the staff augmentation contract.


We provide you with complete assistance for the onboarding of the newly appointed employee.

Nimmish is a well-known manpower staffing services provider, fulfilling the staffing requirements of small to large businesses spread all over the globe. Please phone us on +65-6536 0036 or email us at to know more about our staff augmentation services.