Team Extension

Team Extension
Companies often opt for team extension to overcome their staffing problems. Engaging a reliable team extension services provider enable them in tackling challenges affecting existing projects. Hiring industry-certified candidates help them fast-track the newly landed projects.
Team Extension is Trending! Why?

Companies suffer from IT staffing shortages. It often happens to the startups intending to develop innovative solutions and market them. Most often, the sufferance is due to the lack of local talent. Small players are handicapped because of budget constraints.

However, the problem is not limited to the IT sector only; other industries like accounting, construction, engineering, manufacturing, etc., too, struggle with recruiting professionals having specific skill sets. Team extension services offer them customised staffing solutions.

Team Extension Services
Team Extension

The team extension services like Nimmish assist companies in searching for and hiring offshore talent. We use job descriptions provided by the companies to sort and build a list of qualified candidates. We do the skill assessment and also ensure that the short-listed candidates are flexible, team players, and the best cultural fit.

We maintain a product-oriented mindset, understand your work culture and business needs, and craft customised staffing solutions. When it comes to offering our team extension services, we prioritise quality over quantity. Our recruiters make sourcing and recruiting the ‘Star’ candidates easier for our clients.

We support covers all aspects of team extension. We use our network and internet database to search and assist companies in recruiting the ‘Star’ candidates. We also provide staff management services to make team extension a highly practical experience for our clients.

Benefits of Team Extension
Access Skilled Professionals

Team extension enables you in accessing a large pool of offshore professionals commanding specific skill sets. It helps you in taking care of backlogs, release new features, or start with fresh projects without wasting valuable time searching for resources. Access to a pipeline of outsourced professionals ensures that you meet the project's due dates on time.

Scalable Staffing Solutions

In the days of the IT professional crunch, putting together an in-house team of experienced and qualified professionals is a tough task to accomplish. And when the time at hand is short, it is a highly tedious task. Team extension services assist in augmenting your small in-house team. In fact, it is an accepted way of scaling and deploying your enhanced team rapidly.

Reduce Overheads

Everyone tries to eliminate or reduce their administrative or overhead costs. It is one of the reasons why team extension services providers are preferred for IT staffing solutions. They take care of issues like employee salaries and benefits, taxation, perks, workspace, Etc.

Get-Set-Go Team Extension

Maintaining an in-house team is cumbersome. Newly onboarded members take time to settle down and start giving their 100%. With team extension services, you get to onboard experts who can start on your projects from day one. They contribute to the thought process, use their skills and expertise to fill the holes in your execution of the project.

Efficient Project Management

After team extension, you get to focus on results. You do not have to communicate with the whole team. You can simplify your life by choosing to distribute the responsibilities through the project manager. Your in-house team can take care of the strategic aspect, and the offshore specialists can take care of the execution aspect of the project.

Team Extension or a Dedicated Team

Team extension is an effective tool in the hands of big as well as small businesses to cope up with the volatile nature of the staffing requirements. It is an effective means of providing instant support to the in-house team. However, it is not a great solution when you have delivery of a complex project on the mind. You need a dedicated team for it.

Nimmish has supported its clients with team extension services and helped them succeed with their small and big projects. We know that each team member has a specific role in fulfilling. We recruit accordingly, giving due attention to the candidate’s ability to be an effective part of your team. We find the ‘Star’ candidates for you and saves you months of recruitment work.