Temporary & Contract Staffing

Temporary & Contract Staffing

Temporary and contract staffing can be a real hassle, especially when you have a shorter search cycle. And you have to strike the right balance between the quality and quantity of the temporary hiring.

Streamline Your Contract Recruitment

Temporary and contract staffing services can take the pressure off your shoulder. We use experienced recruiters to search for candidates with the right experience and skill-set for you to hire. Their temporary staffing solutions are timely, cost-effective, and quality-oriented.

The contract work recruitment agencies know that you need some who can be flexible, a team player, and contribute valuable insights to your projects. Most importantly, they hunt for someone for you who can get on with it from the word “Go.”

As an effective contract staffing agency, we provide fast service to meet your administrative, technical or financial staffing needs. Our reliable contract recruitment service includes locating junior, intermediate or senior professionals meeting your particular job description criterion.

Industry Specialisation

At the time of contract recruitment, we ask the right questions to find candidates who are a perfect fit for your staffing requirements. It is what temporary contract staffing is all about. And our recruiters, being specialists at asking penetrating questions, do the trick.

During temporary contract staffing, we can locate candidates from a specific professional domain like A.I., Big Data, Machine Learning, Accounting, or Sales. We understand our talent pool, leverage niche-specific knowledge and prioritise the right nuances to pinpoint the ‘Star’ candidates.

Skills Assessment

We do the skills assessments to ensure that the candidates are capable of delivering the pre-defined levels of performance skills-wise. If needed, we can customise an assessment/evaluation to reflect the actual requirements you are interested in.

Benefits of Temporary Contract Staffing

In a labour-tight market, you can use temporary contract staffing services to augment full-time employees by effortlessly hiring contract staff.

Save Time

Hiring a full-time employee is a long-term commitment, and companies generally tend to take their time about it. However, hiring contract staff through contract job agencies shortens the time and processes. You benefit from a faster deployment rate and turnaround time. Meeting internal deadlines becomes easy.

Visa & Headcount Limits

Temporary staffing solution is a proven way of beating the headcount limit if they exist in a country where you operate. Bringing in a few pairs of extra hands to augment overburdened full-time staff relives the workplace situation. We provide expert assistance for hiring foreign contract staff.

Focus on Business Growth

Extension of an existing or securing of a big project can create unanticipated staffing needs. An experienced contract staffing agency like us can help you overcome unpreparedness with our reliable contract staffing solutions. It leaves you free to grow your organisation without having to worry about capacity gaps.

Specialised Skill-Set

Most of the projects need at least one external candidate with a specialised skill-set. We can fill in this skills gap with our efficient contract staffing solutions. It brings in extra brain cells and the knowledge you require to complete the project successfully. Afterwards, you are free to scale down to your comfort staff level.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us
Responsive Service

Our recruiters aim for quick turnaround time while rendering contract staffing solutions

Business Needs

Asking the right questions. Listening for the nuances to reveal whether a candidate is a better fit as per the skill and cultural requirements

Star Candidates

Locating and presenting the candidates with the right skill set for each role you are staffing for within a short search cycle

Prompt Results

Using the faster, result-oriented, and tested search methodologies to deliver temporary and contract staffing services

We offer high quality temporary and contract staffing solutions to you as per your schedule. Candidate search, screening, payroll, taxes, and insurance needs forms the core of our temporary and contract staffing services. Contact us at +65-6536 0036 or Email us at info@nimmish.com to discuss your staffing needs.