Remote / Virtual Staffing

Remote or Virtual Staffing

Business owners and managers spend only 32% of their time on important tasks like setting long-term goals, strategic planning, Etc. Many of them are adopting remote or virtual staffing to save time.

The trend is to save time by delegating non-strategic tasks to a virtual employee or remote administrative assistant. Nimmish, a remote & virtual staffing services provider, can assist you with your administrative tasks like travel, scheduling, responding to emails, or contracts.

Remote Staffing Services
Remote Staffing

A virtual recruitment agency, like Nimmish, knows the business needs of multi-tasking sole business owners, SMEs, and global companies. It is why it is in a position to offer you exact support even if you are hiring virtual staff for the first time. We also take care of the remote staffing needs of the existing players looking to grow their company.

Our virtual business staffing services are aimed at providing you with the right virtual staff. We work at your brief to know and understand your requirements. Our recruiters then hunt for the candidates with the skill-set, experience, and values described by you.

Our Virtual Staffing Solutions
Virtual Assistant

We can provide a seasoned remote administrative assistant on an ad-hoc basis. You can hire them to work on-site or off-site as per your staffing requirements.

Virtual HR

Our remote HR services professional renders one-off expert advice. They can also assist you with the daily administrative and compliance needs of the business.

Virtual Company Secretary

We provide affordable virtual corporate secretarial services on a full-time or part-time basis. If you need it, our secretary also provides ad hoc support when you are most busy.

Virtual Bookkeeping

Our vetted virtual bookkeeper can streamline your books. Our virtual bookkeeping services ensure your compliance while saving your time, efforts, and money.

Virtual Marketing Services

Our remote marketing professionals can expertly manage your social media presence. They can increase the authority of and traffic to your website by providing effective SEO content.

Virtual Office

We take care of mail notification, mail forwarding, Etc. Our expert virtual office support frees you to focus on your business' core goals.

How Do We Provide 'Star' Virtual Employees

We leverage our vast experience in staffing matters, trusted networks, and single-minded approach in identifying, shortlisting, and recruiting the ‘Star’ candidate for you. In most cases, our virtual staffing solutions provide a Win-Win situation for candidates and you.

Who Can Benefit From Our Remote Staffing Solutions

Pinpointing your business needs is the way to succeed with our virtual staffing services. Our remote staffing solutions could be effective for you if:

  • You are a small company wanting to reduce the overhead costs
  • You need expert assistance but do not want to hire an in-house employee
  • You want to focus on growing business by delegating administrative tasks to remote employees
  • You are a professional in need of a virtual employee on a project
  • You want to hire a remote executive assistant who can provide quick results following your style
  • You are searching for a vetted virtual employee with suitable reference and want us to handle payroll and staff management
Remote-Virtual Staffing

The selected virtual employees can start with you immediately, and you only pay only for the services rendered. Contact us on +65-6536 0036 or email us at for our remote staffing services.